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  • STABILIUM 200 Antistress 30 capsules
STABILIUM 200 Antistress 30 capsules
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Marque: Yalacta

STABILIUM 200 Antistress 30 capsules

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STABILIUM 200 Antistress 30 capsules

Helps the body in case of overwork or mental fatigue, promotes resistance to stress.

Lack of energy, motivation, fatigue, poor concentration and attention, impaired memory, altered mood, irritability, overreaction ... are often the first signs of stress.

The GARUM Armoricum ® present in the Stabilium ® 200 is naturally rich in essential fatty acids, but amino acids and peptides specific nutrients that have an important role in the metabolism of the nerve cell.

Stabilium ® 200 is a dietary supplement that provides:

* Facilitate adaptation to overwork and mental fatigue,
* To strengthen resistance to stress of everyday life,
* And improve sleep disorders and memory disorders related to stress

Stabilium ® 200 is a formula based on natural ingredients, efficient, which helps you find serenity and energy in times of stress.

Who is Stabilium ®?

It is an excellent natural supplement for anyone with a life or a stressful activity, especially:

* People who have responsibilities, jobs at high risk and require intellectually or physically perfect self-control,
* Travel Professional,
* People who resent the oppression of the crowd and the weight of large cities,
* Business people and public relations exposed to pressures and conflicts,
* Persons exposed to work or painstaking and repetitive checks on production line
* People who have to demonstrate or perform in public,
* People who do intellectual work intensely, experiencing stressful situations or who are vulnerable to noise or other stimuli,
* People who resent the solitude or are morally proven
* Children, adolescents, youth, school or education and who is requested attention,
* People who approach the end of his career and the beginning of retirement,
* People who have difficulty with attention, concentration or memory,
* People who need to optimize their effectiveness brain.


The dietary supplement Stabilium ® 200 has an essential constituent of marine origin autolysate called GARUM Armoricum ®.

Autolysis is, in turn, a natural operation which allows a self-digestion of organic matter by the enzymes contained naturally in fish.

This organic matter is thus divided into its simple components directly comparable.

The autolysate GARUM Armoricum ® is derived from wild marine fish, reduced by autolysis into elements simple enough to be immediately reused by the body.


* Amino acids, peptides and polypeptides which are components of nerve cell membranes,
* Essential fatty acids (EFAs), polyunsaturated that man can not synthesize itself.


Garum Armoricum
Virgin sunflower oil
Soy lecithin

Réf. : 6287221002097

STABILIUM 200 Antistress 30 capsules

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Brands Yalacta

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