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  • 24 x 100% waterproof protections
24 x 100% waterproof protections
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Marque: Secuderm

24 x 100% waterproof protections

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24 x 100% waterproof protections

  • 24 x Secuderm dressings
  • Product quality is controlled internally by our team of doctors and pharmacists. Secuderm wins Paca Entreprendre 2007.
  • Secuderm, a waterproof bandage, immersion and movements, adapted to the shapes, sizes and folds of the area concerned.

Secuderm helps protect while leaving breathing, or any part of the body. Whatever the nature and the hostility of the environment: stools, immersion in fresh water, seawater or chlorine, dirt, sand ...

Those are the answers that make Secuderm a new tool for treatment in many diseases and a companion in many situations.


Secuderm is a kit comprising an applicator for adhesive gel technique and a suitable protective film.

In two simple,

we obtain a perfectly waterproof cell immersion.

Suitable measure Secuderm protects your dressing, your cream or catheter .. All movements are permitted. Sescuderm possible to practice nautical activities, acts of hygiene without being dependent on the time of healing, without any discomfort and freedom. The removal is painless and without residue.

Réf. : 000946

24 x 100% waterproof protections

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