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  • AID KIT First emergency
AID KIT First emergency
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Marque: Pharmavoyage

AID KIT First emergency

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AID KIT First emergency

Multi-Kit : Everything is planned for the beatings and injuries related to sport Flexible, original trend Practice : visibility, security and immediate identification of products through its transparent sleeves, its closures flash, scratch, hook suspension integrated Practice: can be worn slung Content adapted and developed by medical emergency Products innovative and effective care, placed in different compartments, depending on the type of care : thermometer front, waterproof adhesive, hemostatic strips, aluminium foam splint for a member or a finger, mouth to mouth mask, lymphatic bandethellip, List of ingredients effective to supplement the kit, ordered by pathology : anti-histamine cream burns, eye antiseptic, antibiotics, analgesics, anti-emeticethellip, Advice and recommendations of physicians, for each product carefully and each active ingredient. Content 1 Thermometer front 2 Vinyl Gloves (pair) 1 Pince to splinters 1 Scissors 1 Adhesive roll 1 Safety pins (set of 6 units) 1 Waterproof adhesive 20 Dressings blanks 2 Gauze strips 1 Cotton balls (batch of 10 units) 10 Compresses chlorhexidine 4 Compresses sterile absorbent 2 Compresses with non-adherent bandage 2 Bands hemostatic 1 Dressingcompression 2 Washers eye adhesive 4 Compresses soothing Arnica (camelis, hamamelis ...) 2 Minipacks cold 1 Cohesive band (type élastoplast) 1 Band triangular 1 Attelle aluminum foam digital 1 Attelle aluminum foam 1 Mask mouth to mouth 1 Lymphatic Band (slightly elastic) 1 Insurance survival Weight : 1,5 kg - PVC and polyester - 25 cm x 18 cm x 13 cm

Réf. : 4452437000411

AID KIT First emergency

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