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  • Prostamol 90 Capsules 3 month cure
Prostamol 90 Capsules 3 month cure
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Prostamol 90 Capsules 3 month cure

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Prostamol 90 Capsules 3 month cure

Prostamol is a dietary supplement that contributes to urinary comfort in men.

From the age of 45, men can experience urinary disorders. This can disrupt the daily life of men who suffer from it.

Prostamol contains Serenoa repens (Florida saw palmetto) which contributes to good urinary function in men over 45 years of age. Prostamol is a 100% natural food supplement, dosed with 320 mg of Serenoa Repens extract per capsule.

Serenoa repens is a plant native to the southeastern United States. The oil extracted from the berries of this plant is used to contribute to urinary function in humans.

The advantages of Prostamol: This dietary supplement is offered in capsule form and formulated without gluten. The use of plant extracts provides perfect tolerance and the absence of side effects.

Presentations offered by your online pharmacy for Prostamol: Box of 30 capsules; Box of 90 capsules.

Take one capsule of Prostamol per day, to be swallowed with a glass of water.

In addition to Prostamol, we advise you to follow hygiene and dietary measures in order to limit male urinary disorders: frequent and urgent urges to urinate in particular. Follow these tips:

Reduce the consumption of drinks after 7 p.m. to avoid the urge to urinate during the night.
Avoid too cold temperatures which accentuate the need to urinate.
Avoid eating too salty or too spicy. Minimize chocolate, as well as certain drinks such as alcohol, coffee, tea and soda.
Exercise regularly, but avoid activities that compress the bladder, such as bicycling or horseback riding.
Avoid stress as much as possible.
Avoid medications containing decongestants, which can disrupt urination and cause difficulty in urinating properly.
Taking this food supplement does not replace a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet. Not recommended for pre-pubescent children/adolescents.

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Prostamol 90 Capsules 3 month cure

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